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Analysis of the cause of the leaking board when the gift box is customized

  • 2021-11-25 16:38:27

  Nowadays, gift box packaging boxes are available in a variety of box types, such as lid and base boxes, folding paper gift  boxes, drawer paper boxes, etc. Some customers need inner boxes to design, and there are often cases of leaking gray boards, so many manufacturers and customers. It is a headache for this problem.

The ash board means that the gray board inside the box leaks out. The appearance of the ash board is divided into two cases. The first type is that the surface of the professional foreign trade boutique high-grade packaging box leaks out of the gray board. The second case is only in the case. The inside of the box is leaking a gray board. Then if it is said that the first situation has occurred, it is definitely a serious defective product. Under normal circumstances, it can be directly scrapped. The following focuses on the treatment of the second case.

Generally speaking, some customers are still able to accept the ash board in the less conspicuous place in the box. The general professional foreign trade boutique high-grade packaging box gift box design has the internal support part to cover the gray board with no internal support. Use a single white ash board. If there are gray plates leaking out in the four corners, then it can only be said that the technology of small manufacturers opening V-grooves is not in place. Like our multi-technology packaging, various process technologies are in one step, even if there is a problem, it will be the first time and pick it out and correct the subsequent quality inspection.

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