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Biodegradable Sugarcane Pulp Food Containers

  • 2021-09-10 17:12:01

In terms of environmental benefits, the best biodegradable material will break down quickly rather than taking years.In everyday life, people have begun to care the use of biodegradable products.Therefore, the environmental protection biodegradable food containers are very popular.

If you're running a milk tea shop, a restaurant, or a takeout fast food restaurant,the eco friendly disposable food containers are your best choose.

The natural, bio-degradable features and chemical constituents of the sugarcane bagasse (SCB) have been attracting attention as a highly potential, and Sugarcane Pulp is gradually used in takeout tableware.

LOKYO wholesale round disposable salad bowl,food grade sugarcane bagasse paper pulp container,bagassa material,enviromentally friendly and biodegradable.With the lid is tight and not easy to leak.And many sizes for you choose.

biodegradable takeaway containers

biodegradable takeaway containers

If you want to learn more about Biodegradable Takeaway Containers and get the catalog,please contact us,we will reply as soon as possible,thank you.

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