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Do you know about bagasse?

  • 2022-09-01 15:15:34

With the improvement of living standards, the quality of the environment has declined, and the white pollution has damaged the environment. We need to use healthier products to protect the environment. Bagasse is one substance that can be utilized.

Bagasse tableware

Do you know about bagasse?

As we all know, sugarcane is one of the main raw materials for sugar production. But did you know that bagasse can be used to make tableware? Bagasse tableware has several advantages.

Advantage 1: Renewable resources

Sugarcane is a fast-growing renewable resource mainly used for sugar refining. And the bagasse is mostly wasted. The use of bagasse to produce tableware can realize the efficient use of resources.

Advantage 2: Compostable

Bagasse is a compostable and biodegradable raw material. It breaks down in about 60 days. Like bagasse boards, it only takes 40~65 days. Leaves no residue and provides rich nutrients to the soil.

Advantage 3: Reduce carbon emissions

Sugarcane is a plant that absorbs carbon dioxide from the air as it grows. At the same time, due to the application of bagasse, people can reduce the use of wood and plastic, thereby reducing global carbon emissions.

At present, we have matured bagasse alternative wood manufacturing technology. It can reduce tree felling and protect the environment. It is the most widely used and most successful type of bagasse tray,bagasse lunch boxes,bagasse bowls.

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