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Take Away Kraft Paper Food Containers

  • 2021-12-22 17:39:06


With the increasing number of takeout, takeout boxes have been upgraded. From simple foam packaging, plastic packaging to paper packaging and environmental friendly lunch boxes, businesses are increasingly choosing more and more guests.Inside,paper carry out box and round kraft paper salad container are popular.

Ecological Food Packaging

Ecological Food Packaging

LOKYO popular craft paper container vegetable and fruit salad bowl disposable kraft paper bowl,perfectly prepared salads to go with our 500ml,750ml,1000ml,1300ml Kraft Bio Salad Containers. Equipped with a grease-resistant lining, these disposable salad containers are built to prevent sauces, dressings, and oil from soaking through. Their contemporary round shape provides an irresistibly appealing foundation for salads, poke bowls, and other fresh creations -- while their sturdy walls and strong base support hefty portions of your delicious dishes. Constructed from ecologically sustainable kraft paper, these rustic brown take out containers are conveniently disposable and 100% recyclable.

Round kraft paper salad container

Round kraft paper salad container

LOKYO disposable printable kraft paper takeaway container lunch sald box fast food packaging.With a capacity of 700ml,900ml,1200ml,1600ml, these paper takeout containers are perfect for packaging appetizers, salads, entrees, and more. Their poly-coated interior expertly repels greasy and saucy foods, while their secure foldable design prevents spills and messes. Equipped with a built-in tab lock closure, these restaurant to-go boxes are designed to make food conveniently portable while keeping it safe and protected. Constructed from nature-friendly kraft paper, these takeout boxes have a natural brown finish to give your takeout food a touch of rustic flair.

Kraft paper food box

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