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The Ultimate Design with 13 Wine Label Designs from Different Countries

  • 2022-02-11 14:46:12

  1. Wine bottle design combining Spanish and Asian cultures

  This award-winning wine bottle was designed by Spanish designer Eduardo del Fraile. The dots and hairstyle on the bottle resemble the Spanish culture style, while the vertical text and white face makeup are signs of Asian culture.

  2. Wine labels with embossed printing: all printed text is Braille

  All the labels are in Braille, so that blind people who like red wine can know the year, origin, brand and other information of the wine. Hope that more companies will print Braille on the wine label

  Lazarus Wines is a unique winemaking project in La Rioja, Spain. These wines are produced by blind people and well-trained winemakers, whose keen sense of smell makes the wine taste better. The Braille label designed by the Spanish design company Baud is a tribute to these winemakers.

  3. Innovative crystal fox character design

  It is commendable that this creative bottle is a student project, designed by Alice Bouchardon.

  4. Wine labels expressing opinions

  The yellow label of De Bandera's wine allows customers to see the Spanish flag (red + yellow + red 3 stripes) during the process of tearing the label, and continuing to tear it will convert it into the "flag" of Catalonia ( Yellow + red 9 stripes).

  5. Fancy sparkling wine that makes people in love sweeter

  Finland's PACKLAB company invented this lovely fancy sparkling wine. In the color scheme, Finns prefer pure white, purple, and blue.

  6. Ink wine labels that peek into your inner thoughts

  Inspired by the "Rorschach Test", Inkwell's wine label has the same personality test dialogue. Do you see a butterfly? Two people kissing? Or a grumpy cat?

  (The Rorschach inkblot test is also known as the ink stain test. The test material consists of 10 ink maps with ambiguous structures. The participants say what they associate with, and then the psychologist records and analyzes these responses. And then diagnose the characteristics of the subjects’ personality.)

  7. black and white stylish bottles

  This series of wines full of artistic style is produced by Tsilili in Greece.

  8. Toxin Cool Apple Ice Wine

  ZXY Group brings together powerful label printing factories around the world. Welcome to place an order here.

  Neige ice wine is made from various apples in Canada, which is the same as traditional ice wine abroad.

  9. this bottle of wine will "send you to the sky"

  The boarding pass wine produced by R Wine, designer Shiraz cleverly displays all the information about the wine in the form of airplane tickets.

  10. Anatomy lesson on the bottle

  The cool thing about this bottle is that it doesn’t have a label at all. This information is contained on the neck of a bottle, and there are some pictures you can see in the classic medical classic "Gray's Anatomy". Pat Mehbrei's design works are produced by Australia's RedHeads Studio.

  11. jewel-toned wine

  For those who do not plan to drink a whole bottle of wine, the stacked wine design is a good idea.

  12. label design inspiration from geography

  This concept was conceived by designer Rob Schellenberg. His abstract design is actually a topographic map of the Italian winemaking region. The corresponding number on the bottle refers to the approximate value of the latitude of the place where these wines are made.

  13. Colorful prism design inspiration

  designer Simon C. Page conceived this fantasy-like kaleidoscope illustration, which is a conceptual version of fruit wine packaging.

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