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What is packaging and its function?

  • 2021-07-23 15:47:15
1. The concept of packaging

  Packaging is the general term for protecting products in the logistics process, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales. According to certain technical methods, containers, materials, and auxiliary materials are used to enclose items, and to be properly packaged and marked. In short, packaging is the general term for packaging and packaging operations.

2. The position of packaging in logistics In the process of social reproduction, packaging is at the end of the production process and the beginning of the logistics process, which is the end of production.

  Before the formation of modern logistics concepts, packaging was justified as the end of production. Therefore, it has always been a production-leading activity, and the design of packaging is often mainly based on the requirements of the end of production, and therefore often cannot meet the requirements of circulation. The research of logistics believes that the relationship between packaging and logistics is much closer than the relationship with production, and its significance as the starting point of logistics is much greater than its significance as the end of production. Therefore, packaging should enter the logistics system, which is a new concept of modern logistics.

3.The characteristics and functions of packaging

  Three characteristics of packaging: protection, unit concentration and convenience

  The four major functions of packaging: protect goods, facilitate logistics, promote sales, and facilitate sales.

4.the classification of packaging

  Commercial packaging: It is the packaging whose main purpose is to promote sales. This type of packaging is characterized by beautiful appearance, necessary decoration, and the packaging unit is suitable for the purchase volume of customers and the requirements of store furnishings. In the flow process, the closer the product is to the customer, the more demanding the packaging has the effect of promoting sales.

  Transportation packaging: refers to packaging for the purpose of strengthening transportation and protecting products. The important feature of transportation packaging is to make the packaging cost as low as possible on the basis of meeting the logistics requirements. For this reason, it is necessary to find the optimal effect between the cost of packaging and the loss of logistics.

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