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What is the ecofriendly paper cup?

  • 2021-11-19 14:03:52

Ecofriendly paper cup is a paper cup in line with the modern environmental protection concept.Because of the paper cup biodegradable and brings convenience to people's lives, it’s loved by many consumers.

Disposable ecofriendly paper cup with lids

The introduction of ecofriendly paper cups

Ecofriendly Paper cup is a paper container made by machining and bonding with raw paper(The raw paper is made of bamboo pulp, wood pulp,bagasse pulp,etc.)The surface of the paper cup will stick to a nationally recognized special polyethylene film that is not only heat resistant but also nontoxic in high-temperature drinks.

The types of ecofriendly paper cups

Paper cups are divided into single-sided PE coated paper cups and double-sided PE coated paper cups.

(1) Single sided PE coated paper cup: the paper cup produced with single-sided PE coated paper is called single PE paper cup,which is expressed as follows: the inside of the paper cup containing water has smooth PE coated film;

(2) Double sided PE coated paper cup: the paper cup produced with double-sided PE coated paper is called double-sided PE paper cup, which is expressed in the form that there is PE coated film on the inside and outside of the paper cup.

The advantage of ecofriendly paper cups
(1) Recyclable.Easy to dispose of waste and easy recycling, and can save resources.

(2) Biodegradable.It is easier to degrade than plastic products and eco-friendly.
(3) Light weight and anti damage. Compared with the glass bottle cup, the paper cup has light weight and no risk of damage.

(4) Good appearance. Customized printing logo paper cup for customers to choose.Personalized design makes the appearance more publicity effect.

Custom Design Plastic Free Paper Cups With Lids

Our company Xiamen Glaman Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has always focused on the production of biodegradable disposable paper cups, bowls, lids and advocate scientific environmental protection sustainable development. And we will always consistent with the contemporary environmental protection concept.

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