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Why do lollipops use paper sticks or not plastic sticks?

  • 2021-11-30 10:17:33

Paper sticks are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and garbage disposal is also more convenient. Even if children accidentally bite lollipop paper sticks , it is not harmful.  Plastic lollipop sticks is not environmentally friendly and is not easily degraded. If children accidentally eat it, it will be harmful to health. In addition, some accidental damage reduction occurred when a child was holding a lollipop (for example, a fall while holding a lollipop, because the paper stick was soaked by saliva and the hardness was reduced and it was easy to bend, and the additional damage caused was very serious. small)

colorful printed paper-sticks

White pollution is disposable plastic packaging that is difficult to degrade. For example, disposable foam snack utensils and our commonly used plastic bags. It is very polluting to the environment. It is difficult to decompose when buried in the soil, which will cause the soil capacity to decline. If it is burned, it will cause air pollution. Therefore, it is now recommended to use less or less. For this thing, it is best to bring your own tools when buying things to reduce the use of it.

The status quo of "white pollution" and its harm

As a new type of material, plastic products have the advantages of light weight, waterproof, durable, mature production technology, and low cost. They are widely used all over the world and are increasing year by year. The growth rate of plastic packaging materials in the world market is higher than that of other packaging materials.

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