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How to Choose a Suitable Packaging for Bundled Hair Extensions


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How to Choose a Suitable Packaging for Bundled Hair Extensions

  • Mar 28, 2019

We received lots of inquiries from customers who are interested in our hair extensions boxes and would like to customize their own ones, however, they do not know which style of box suits most.

As a printing and packaging manufacturer who has been working with several hair brands, we have some suggestions for you to make your own choice for bundled hair extensions packaging.

-1. If your budget is not rich and wish not investing much on packaging, we recommend two styles of boxes. They are pillow box and corrugated box.

As they can be flat-packed in shipping, shipping cost is also economical. Our minimum order quantity requirement to these is 500pcs each.

-2. If you have a medium budget, wishing the packing looks chic, more importantly, having enough storage room for the boxes, we suggest you consider round box. Matching paper bag is optional. Our minimum order quantity requirement to circular box is 1000pcs.

-3. If you do not wish order 1000pcs or more in one time, while your budget is still allowed for more fancy packaging options, here are some choices.

Minimum quantity of each style is 500pcs. Besides box, there are other accessories that can be added, like custom drawstring pouch, custom hair care instruction tag, custom sticker etc.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more!

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