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How do you transport blood safety

  • 2021-08-19 11:28:45

How do you transport blood safety

Blood is familiar and unfamiliar to ordinary people. Blood occupies 7% of the body's weight. Although the proportion is not large, it is indispensable. It is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen, maintaining vital signs and resisting the immune function of foreign bacteria.

Blood contains plasma and blood cells. Blood cells include red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

As a special product, blood has strict storage and transportation temperature requirements. When blood is stored or transported, its ambient temperature exceeds its upper safe temperature limit or is lower than its safe temperature lower limit, which will cause the blood and its components to breed a large number of bacteria or Loss of activity and function. In order to protect the quality and safety of the hard-won blood and its components, it must be stored and transported in a safe temperature environment throughout the entire process.

Blood storage and transportation requirements, application scenarios, facilities, and institutional locations are different. In this article, we mainly talk about cold chain transportation of blood. The blood cold chain refers to the storage and transportation of blood and blood components from the point of collection to the point of use. This process should be carried out under appropriate storage temperature and conditions.

Blood transportation bears important responsibilities, and the requirements for transportation methods and blood transportation boxes are very strict. Generally, blood refrigerated trucks and blood transportation cooler boxes are used for cold chain transportation throughout the process. The cold chain transportation of blood has very high requirements for transportation vehicles. At present, the price of small refrigerated trucks equipped with suitable performance on the market ranges from hundreds of thousands or even millions. It is very important for small batches and scattered delivery areas. Limitations, it is unrealistic and uneconomical to achieve multi-directional, door-to-door delivery services.

The use of traditional thermal insulation cooler box plus cold storage thermal insulation measures, coupled with express delivery, although it can achieve the end of the cold chain one kilometer transportation and distribution. However, due to the uneven quality of incubators in the market and the different thermal insulation properties, the cold chain transportation of medicines cannot be reliably guaranteed at temperature, and there are hidden dangers in the safety of refrigerated medicines.

According to the "Blood Transportation Requirements", blood refrigerated trucks and blood transportation boxes must be equipped with transportation temperature monitoring devices to monitor and record blood temperature in real time.

1. The appearance and inner wall requirements are as follows:

1) After the box body is closed, the whole is airtight, dustproof, rainproof and non-slip.

2) The appearance of the cabinet and the surface of the inner wall are smooth and flat without cracks to prevent liquid leakage.

3) The tank body should be kept clean before being filled with blood, and it is easy to disinfect and clean.

4) The box body is not deformed, and the internal materials do not spontaneously generate harmful gases.

2. The thermal insulation performance requirements are as follows

1) When loading products at 4°C-20°C, there should be no obvious condensation on the outer surface of the shipping box.

2) Temperature control: use phase change ice boxes with different phase change points to maintain an appropriate temperature to meet different transportation requirements for whole blood and red blood cell components, plasma blood components, platelets, and cryoprecipitate.

Our VPU medical cooler box, the passive temperature control box adopts patented composite heat preservation material, and is embedded with vacuum heat insulation board, which has super heat insulation performance. It has the advantages of precise temperature control and long-term stable temperature control. The volume can be selected from 12L to 210L, with a high-performance PCM ice box, to achieve the temperature control requirements of different temperature ranges of blood and its components. The cabinet is equipped with a temperature and humidity recorder with real-time positioning function. The temperature can be monitored and traced throughout the whole process. It can be trusted with peace of mind and accurately control the temperature, which truly realizes the continuous chain of blood cold chain transportation.

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