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The important of vacuum insulation board (VIP board) in medical vaccine cooler box

  • 2021-09-18 11:56:34

The important of vacuum insulation board (VIP board) in medical vaccine cooler box

When choosing a medical cold chain box, in addition to the material and temperature display (such as automatic warning message prompt, wireless remote control, GPRS communication base station positioning, etc.), special attention must be paid to the cooler boxes insulation function, because the cold chain storage box is an automatic constant temperature In general, the cold chain thermal box needs to be kept at 2-8°C for a long time during use, and the effectiveness of the insulation layer directly affects the performance of the cooler box for medicine vaccine. Therefore, the important principle for selecting thermal insulation materials is to refer to the thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation material according to the environmental temperature of the material. The thermal conductivity directly affects the thermal insulation effect. For laboratory medical cooler box, we recommend the use of vacuum insulation panels (VIP panels) as the insulation layer for the following reasons:

The thermal conductivity of the vacuum insulation board (VIP board) is 0.0025, which is currently the best cold chain insulation material with low thermal conductivity and good heat preservation and energy saving effect.

When using different insulation materials to achieve the same insulation effect, the use of vacuum insulation panels (VIP panels) can make the product smaller or make the available space of the incubator larger.

In the same insulation space, the use of vacuum insulation panels (VIP panels) can make the incubator work longer. In the same way, vacuum insulation panels are also suitable for various cold storage and cold chain application scenarios, such as refrigerated trucks, refrigerator freezers, and cold drink vending machines.

In summary, the vacuum insulation panel not only provides the space utilization rate of the product in the application of cold chain insulation and energy saving, but also has obvious thermal insulation effects and energy saving economic benefits. It is a high-quality and efficient cold chain insulation material.

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