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Learn how to make compost

  • 2021-09-27 15:09:39
Learn how to make compost

The best soil for growing vegetables on the balcony is the soil that has been improved by composting. Such soil contains rich nutrients, has a long and stable fertilizer effect, and at the same time promotes the formation of soil solid structure, and can greatly increase the soil's ability to retain water, heat, air and fertilizer.

The production of compost is not very complicated. You only need the following picture to master the method of compost production. Then after you use the Glaman Compostable PLA coated paper cup lid and biodegradable paper bowl, you can compost them at any time.

Compostable paper bowls with lids

There are several considerations, which are also very important.

1. Because it is placed on the balcony or terrace, do not put too much water, just slightly moist. This can reduce the peculiar smell. The top layer should be covered with a layer of dry soil of 5 cm, which can effectively prevent the breeding of flying insects and reduce the peculiar smell.

2. The key to making compost is to obtain local materials, which is environmentally friendly and convenient. The material is mainly green material, but you must not put any meaty materials, such as fish bones and meat, which will attract insects and maggots. You can choose other materials, and add some dead branches and rotten leaves to it, which can effectively enrich its nutrients. All materials must be as small as possible to reduce the time required for composting.

3. You can also add organic fertilizer, peanuts, rapeseed fertilizer after oil extraction, don't be greedy, just a little bit.

4. It is recommended to use less loess for the added soil and mulching soil. If you have coconut bricks or nutrient soil or wood chips, you can add some to help the soil fluffy and dark. The soil you are using is not fertile enough and hardened is also a good additive.

5. The composting process requires the participation of oxygen, so it cannot be sealed and should be left open. There must be drainage holes under the compost container to drain excess water. After it is done, place it on the balcony or near the window sill where it will not be exposed to rain. If there are flying insects, you can bask in the sun and stir it to basically kill the flying insects.

6. 3-4 months in summer and 5-6 months in winter can be successfully composted. At this time, the soil is dark, soft and delicate, with a fresh smell of soil.

Composting is as simple as that. If you grow vegetables on the balcony and make a few pots of compost, you will get soil suitable for vegetable growth and full of nutrients in a few months. After you use the Glaman food grade paper cup lid, you can also compost the environmental protection paper lid. 

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