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Why choose biodegradable paper cup lids

  • 2021-09-27 15:07:09

Why choose biodegradable paper cup lids

With the gradual implementation of the ban of plastic products,our biodegradable disposable paper cup lids play an important role on all kinds of packaging market.

Our paper cup lids are made from plant fiber like sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fiber ,which are compostable and ecofriendly.It fully meets the rigid requirements of eco-friendly materials in most of countries.

Xiamen Glaman Environmental Technology Company has  owned patents of biodegradable paper lids and several certifications including FDA,LFGB,FSC and BRC certificates. Its paper cup lid is a new food-grade products on global packaging market.We are continuing in developing different new style biodegradable paper lids in order to provide much more reasonable price on the market.

Features of our compostable paper cup lids

1.Environmental standard: recyclable, without any pollution in production process and after using .biodegradable naturally and sludge into organic fertilizer.

2.Physical standard: waterproof,leakproof ,suitable for microwave or freezer.

3.Appearance: no odor,nontoxic,natural color appearance,good touching feeling,no sharp edge.

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