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  • What is packaging and its function?
    • July 23, 2021

    1. The concept of packaging   Packaging is the general term for protecting products in the logistics process, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales. According to certain technical methods, containers, materials, and auxiliary materials are used to enclose items, and to be properly packaged and marked. In short, packaging is the general term for packaging and packag...

  • New item - Notepad With Clipboard
    • September 30, 2021

    NEW ARRIVAL!!! Notepad With Clipboard --- NOTEPAD WITH YOU "Writing down your life story, and be the better you."

  • New item - Mini Size Pocket Notepad To Do list
    • October 26, 2021

      NEW ARRIVAL!!! Mini Size Pocket Notepad --- THE WONDERFUL WORLD " Don't be afraid, the life is on your feet. "

  • A Gift For You - PU notepad wholesale
    • October 26, 2021

    A Pocket size notepad, write down your travel stories, and memo it. More info:

  • Notebook printing service - customized notebook journal wholesale
    • October 26, 2021

      Are you finding the supplier for notebook printing? We have more than 10 years printing experience. No matter the cover material is with leather, paper, frabic or PVC, softcover or hardcover, color printing or black printing, it will be satisfied all of your printing requests. Contact us! More info:

  • What is the ecofriendly paper cup?
    • November 19, 2021

    Ecofriendly paper cup is a paper cup in line with the modern environmental protection concept.Because of the paper cup biodegradable and brings convenience to people's lives, it’s loved by many consumers. The introduction of ecofriendly paper cups Ecofriendly Paper cup is a paper container made by machining and bonding with raw paper(The raw paper is made of bamboo pulp, wood pulp,bagasse pulp,etc...

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